Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opensource EMR(OSeM)?
Open source EMR(OSeM) is an Open Source electronic medical record and medical practice management software.

Is Open source EMR(OSeM) ONC certified?
Open source EMR(OSeM) is certified as a ONC HER Certified.

     Open source EMR(OSeM) is under GNU General Public License on the GNU Project's website.

What is the quickest way for me to evaluate Open source EMR(OSeM)?
We offer download packages  here: Open source EMR(OSeM) Downloads.

What is Open source EMR(OSeM)'s default Username, Password and other related issues?
The default USERNAME: admin the PASSWORD: pass.

Other issues with password:
In Open source EMR(OSeM) 4.1.2 to change the Password of a user(Open source EMR(OSeM)), go to administration->Users and you need to provide "Your Password:" - The password of the current user logged in. "User`s New Password:" - The new password to be changed.
In order to change the mysql user and password you need to provide the correct credentials in the file sqlconf.php, which can be found under /sites/default/sqlconf.php
The field labeled "password" which is unhidden is the new user's password, "Your password:" is the administrator's password which is masked.
Do NOT mistake the "your password" as to confirm the new user password.
Why and how should I backup my data?
Disaster can strike at anytime. Backing up will mean the difference between a mild inconvenience and a major imbroglio.
     Choose a method according to the operating system from this webpage.
     Windows users are advised not to rely on the built-in utility once their file size becomes too large. The reasons are discussed in this Forum thread.
Can I charge for the Open source EMR(OSeM) software?
Open source EMR(OSeM) is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). This license makes few restrictions on the exchange of money for products or services.

What you can do:
     You can charge for your time for installation and any hardware you provide.
     You can charge for IT maintenance of the operating system and installation of Open source EMR(OSeM) upgrades, maintaining back ups, etc.
     You can charge for making software modifications to the system as needed.
     You can charge a fee for website design and online resources development
     What you must do:
     You must provide the source code in plain text.
     You must provide a copy of the General GPL license. The General GPL license is actually included with the Open source EMR(OSeM) release.
     If you modify the system, we do ask that you consider releasing your improvements back to the project under the GNU GPL licensing.

Can I Integrate Proprietary Software with Open source EMR(OSeM)?
     While Open source EMR(OSeM) will never be developed with proprietary or closed source software integrations, there is nothing preventing users from integrating such non-free software with their Open source EMR(OSeM) implementations to meet custom use cases.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the System?
     See the file COPYING in the release.
     GNU General Public License on the GNU Project's website.

Can I change the logos or functionality of the software?
     YES. With the exception that you may not remove the GPL license. The other terms and conditions listed above must be followed.
     You can charge for the changes in functionality. But the Open source EMR(OSeM) software must remain under the GPL license. The problem that comes up is that if you do not release your code back to the project, every time we release a new version you have to update your version with the changes that you made. The only other option is to not upgrade your Open source EMR(OSeM) as the new releases come out. Releasing your code back to the project under the GPL licensing means that each subsequent upgrade already includes your changes.
What license fee or other charges do we have to pay Open source EMR(OSeM) team for the above modifications and implementations?
     NONE. The software is free and open source, subject to the restrictions listed above.

How do I correct the date/time setting?
After PHP 5.2 PHP strtotime(), date() will no longer accept the default system time and the date.timezone must be explicitly set.
PHP Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected the timezone 'UTC' for now, but please set date.timezone to select your timezone. in /var/www/html/Open source EMR(OSeM)/interface/patient_file/summary/demographics.php on line 1182, referer: http://myserver/Open source EMR(OSeM)/interface/main/left_nav.php.
in php.ini about line 881 set date.time
date.timezone = "America/New_York"
You have to use one of the PHP standard time zones for this to work correctly. Then restart your Apache web server.

Is there a patient photograph in the Open source EMR(OSeM) records?
A document category called 'Patient Photograph' is now a default part of Open source EMR(OSeM) 4.0+. You need only upload a photo of any size. The photo will show up in the Photo/ID section on the Patient Summary page with a click-able thumbnail image.

Can Open source EMR(OSeM) keep track of drug and product inventory?
YES, it can. The drug and tracking of other non-drug materials is turned on at Administration->Globals-> Features->"Drug and Products".

Can Open source EMR(OSeM) be modified to run with separate clinics/facilities?
Yes; There are two options:
1) If you want to share the scheduling, patient data and physician data between clinics/facilities, then can input each facility here.
     Go to Administration->Facilities->and define your locations:
     It is also possible for a provider to be linked to only one facility to see only his/her patients in that facility.
     Set Administration->Features->Restrict Users to Facilities and then set the facility in Administration->Users.
2) Can create numerous completely separate Open source EMR(OSeM) installations on the same server with the Multi-site Module.

What is GACL or php-GACL?
GACL or gacl is a short cut form for phpGACL. This is an acronym meaning Generic Access Control Lists. It allows fine grained control over Open source EMR(OSeM). As an example, the physician can be permitted to view sensitive patient information, while the receptionist is unable to view this sensitive patient information.
Since Open source EMR(OSeM) version 3.0.0, access controls (php-GACL) is included in Open source EMR(OSeM), thus requiring no separate installation or configuration. Administration of access controls is performed within Open source EMR(OSeM) in the Administration->acl menu.
In Open source EMR(OSeM) versions 2.9.0 and earlier, php-GACL was actually installed separately.

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